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we groom business owners, not just agents

We don’t just recruit anyone. We want to create an environment that great people gravitate towards. We have some of the best perks in the industry, but that is not our focus.

Our focus is on developing your personal and professional skills in a way that makes you an irreplaceable partner for your clients.




Active owner and broker

Jimmy Simien started Simien Properties 15 years ago and has become recognized as one of the top experts in Houston. His reputation and work ethic creates opportunities for those willing to put in the hard work themselves. As an active on-site broker and owner, Jimmy has an open door policy and wants every agent to become the best they can be.


A Culture of People first. Transaction Second.

We all want to be highly successful and transactions drive that. However, without great people that feel confident and powerful in their own skin, the functional part of real estate will only take you so far. We strive to build a collaborative environment where people can feel safe to be themselves and supported in their life and careers.


Building capability, personally and professionally

Becoming a go-to agent for clients involves two things: that you are an expert in real estate process, and that you are prepared to support and understand your client in ways that they can’t articulate at times. Simien Properties invests in and structures training in a way that enables people to experience how the real world works. A client saying yes or no to you as their agent can boil down to one thing. How prepared are you to extract it?

The Qualities that make up the ideal SImien expert

New or seasoned, we desire great people first

Success happens when great people work hard and have the tools and skills to showcase their value.

We want every person at Simien Properties to have that opportunity.

The Qualities that make up the ideal SImien expert

New or seasoned, we desire great people first

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